Swabbo Footwasher

Peace Love And No Sandy Feet

The SWABBO Footwasher is the perfect solution to reducing cleaning time and minimising the discomfort of having sand all through the house. $59.95(NZ)

Australia? go to:- https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B09C1LR8HQ

North Amerrica? go to:- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09C1LR8HQ


Keep The Sea Shore From The door.

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You Need a Hand with Sand

Sand throughout the house shouldn’t be the trade-off for enjoying the beach or providing the kids with a backyard sandpit.

A Time to reflect

Thanks to the clever use of a molded Footwasher and carefully constructed brushes to clean sand from feet, there's more time to relax.

Just fill with water and let the soft Nylon Bristles gently wash away the sand and grit

For where the outdoors Meets the in

The SWABBO Footwasher was designed to solve a personal problem, so it’s been developed with integrity and ingenuity. The creator’s love of the beach meant he had to devise a solution to the scourge of sand throughout his home or lead a life of vacuuming, brushing and cursing.


This is the best Christmas present we got this year....used it every day at the beach....must of saved litres of water.

Christine S

Got ours for xmas! Works a treat!!

Liz S

From the amount of sand left in the bottom of mine I know this works!

Maria I

Shout out to the team @swabbo1 Epic product helping us keep the sand out of our shed! #nosandyfeet


We have 1 and it’s the bomb!

Gina B

Just purchased this for our father in law and he loves it!

Sheridan L

Oh we have one at our surf club, its really good!

Maxine B

We have one. Amazing!! 

Serena B

I have 2 of these and everyone loves them

Erica H